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Sam has a varied background on digital and print design, with a love for illustration. A visual designer if you will!

Rewind back to 2004 when he graduated with a 1st honours degree in Electronic Graphics; that's over 11 years of creative experience.

He has since worked for a range of companies and agencies, designing for corporate and creative needs all whilst keeping the target audience in mind. Over time with trust, Sam directed projects as well as lending a helping hand in branding, style-guide development and marketing.

In between all that in 2007, Sam embarked on a world adventure where photography and sketching became a much-loved skill.

Sam, now a senior (multidisciplinary) designer with his illustrative background has given every project a richer aesthetic with a lasting impression. Why not have drink and a chat!


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+44 (0)7548 884628

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He's available to design remotely, within a team or even abroad!

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Sam is on a mission to inspire and (or) help others through his own experiences on our world as a creative.

the ingredients that make up Sam

Creative software

3D Studio Max

Acrobat DC

After Effects *


Bridge *

Fireworks *

Flash *

Illustrator *

InDesign *


Media Encoder

Muse *

Photoshop *


Productive software

Google Docs



MS Word

MS Excel

Notable information

10+ industry experience

1st Bachelor of Arts Honours Design Degree: Electronic Graphics

Free to work in any country, remotely or in-house

Completely Mac and PC literate

First Aid trained

Advanced Open Water Diver

* Sam is particularly good at this.

Sam Rios

designer & illustrator

+44 (0)7548 884628