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business to Christmas

After Effects animation

Every year Cranfield University love to treat their global clients with a special Christmas message. Digitally and through print, the brief also included very strict rules ensuring the project is culturally friendly.

From storyline to magic

Once reviewing some of the storyboards I had produced, there followed a political debate about what should be shown and what should be introduced, as the animation reflected many departments in the university after all.

My solution, a typical business desk furniture "Newton's Cradle" where each ball magically turned into a Christmas vibe.

The results are in

Success! An increase of over 80% orders on printed cards compared to the previous year; and nearly 2000 views on the digital animation. Merry Christmas to all!

another noteworthy animation

Business logistics

This animation was designed for the opening of a talk given by Richard Wilding OBE, I also designed his web banner.

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