Rockhopper craft beer

An entrepreneur started his own brewery, so to be recognised he needed a strong brand. A very open project laid ahead of me, the only requirement was the name of their company.

After researching into rockhopper penguins (they're great), I designed concepts that will be effective large (fine detailing in the penguin’s hair) as well as small (simple and bold), whilst standing out from a crowded shelf.

Concept labels

After the logo

Success, the brand is indeed strong. Emerald Casks used the logo in their promo video for laser burning brands onto beer kegs.

View Rockhopper's Facebook page for more beer goodness!

Successful from Malaysia, EW Tiles wanted to grow in the European wholesalers market with a site. Before tackling a website, a logo and brand was to be developed.

 A fitting logo for beautiful tiles

The idea was to design a geometric styled logo that emphasised tile use and colour. One that could stand the test of time with various marketing possibilities. From there I designed stationary and a website, take a look.

 Style guide design

This is just one of the many style guides I have designed or built whilst proceeding with a larger digital project, it helps to keep everybody informed.

NOTE: Intentionally removed branding and colour to protect client confidentiality

Go-Go Bicycles branding

The task given to me was to retain the original logo’s concept and colour but improve on it's image and brand. The result went down really well, so well that I got commissioned to design their stationary and website.

View the site design

Insignia Font

Other notable logo designs

Victoria Falls

Here is a selection of other noteworthy logos I’ve designed in the past. ‘Rio' and 'Victoria Falls’  for package holidays to be won by staff at well known automotive companies. 'Golden Frog’ for a PR startup company.

Branding and logo design

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Ebook cover

Cover design for exceptional shorts

Have you seen these?

citizenM interactive

UI design on training for delegates and staff alike

Store displays

Creating the inside-out experience in-store

Go-Go Bicycles site

Design and photography for electric bikes

Next retail marketing

Designed to entice customers and inform staff


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