CCED are at the top of their league with executive learning, they were to take part in an exhibition to invite more delegates to join them. So, CCED needed an exhibition stand that carried across the idea of global networked learning.

Imagining an idea

The client and I talked it over in person where ideas flowed to the table. At average eye height there would be orange labels with the words "Follow me", where the dotted line connected the viewer to a global network.

A style is made

A new look for CCED was born: They were incredibly happy with the look of the finalised stand. After a successful event, the global networked image has now become a part of their brand ever since!

Exhibition Marketing

I also got involved in the marketing leading up to an exhibition. These informative brochures were designed well in advance complete with sign-up forms in the back. The cards below were invitations to entice people to take part in a competition at a specific exhibition stand, they were designed to look like gig tickets.

Store displays

visual aesthetic area

Notice board area

actual average leg height

A successful agricultural company built a new warehouse and shop which required a touch of personalisation with a warming agricultural feel when entering the store.

The inside-out experience

My design was to give each panel on the counter a different agricultural work activity. As the counter is at waist height so were the designs, giving the customer a true indoor-out feel. You'll notice that the fence is on an actual door, and that the grass only went as far as the panels replicating farmland. The grass area was the only concept piece remaining (hence all the watermarks).

Exhibition design

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UI design on training for delegates and staff alike

Store displays

Creating the inside-out experience in-store

Go-Go Bicycles site

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Next retail marketing

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