So Beautiful

1st I heard the phrase, then I had the vision. This illustration started by designing with a grid in Illustrator, then designing with curves as normal before going for an angular approach at a later stage.

It's a simple image but with the right colour selection and fine detailing on sand hills really make this stand out in areas you wouldn't expect.

Once You Pop

This gives a whole new meaning to the Pringles famous catchphrase. As well as detailed highlights, depth was an important factor for this illustration. Layers of shade, and levels of blurring gave me the right sense of depth I was after, especially with crisps that feel like they're about to hit the screen... This should be in 3D really shouldn't it?!

This Illustration was featured in Drawn. Vol.1, read more about here.

Sea Legs

One day I received a very imaginative drawing on my lap. As usual I got very excited with possibilities on how this could look as an illustration, any excuse to get me designing really! I started with basic colours and shapes, before working my way through on adding structure and levels of detail.

This Illustration was featured in Drawn. Vol.1, read more about here.


I got hired to design characters for staff to make them smile in the morning.

It's amazing how unique we all are, subtle characteristics like a mole here and a blush there ensured complete likeness , having been given plenty of photographs to work from. They loved it!

Any reason to draw

Truth is, I get ideas from the strangest of times; situations, travelling or even people watching (that's always a good one). The sketch is made for the illustration to come.

See anything you like, got an idea? Don't just sit there, get in touch! I want to hear about it.


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