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Infographic design

To build a great user experience at nature, you'd first have to get an understanding of the scientific audience and their habits. Everyone at nature (with the many employees that work there) will need to be on the same page in order to achieve the same goal. So, persona posters that are striking and enticing to read is a starting point.

Let's talk about you.

Interviews were taken place by user experience designers across three scientific job titles that make up the majority of nature's audience. With all research gathered as well as data pulled in from user testing, they were able to build a complex flow into the daily life of a scientist.

From here I fine tuned the necessary information, what would be relevant for all employees concerned and how it could work visually. Once a solid flow and style (isometric design) was agreed, the design could begin!

Working to time restrictions.

As much as I would have loved to design the different elements from scratch, the poster was to be shown at the next showcase so it had to be designed quickly. Some basic isometric illustrations were bought from iStock to speed up the process, from there I accurately edited them for consistency and to build a striking world with a flow.


Below is the event where the poster would be showcased. I also designed the poster for this event.

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