To build a great user experience at nature, you'd first have to get an understanding of the scientific audience and their habits. Personas were thoroughly researched and written up in text format, but this wasn’t enough to engage the staff at Springer Nature.

Proudly showcased

The poster was showcased at a quarterly event within Springer Nature. I also designed the poster for this event.

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Learn about your audience

Chart exploration

Different chart types and colour were explored on how to best illustrate the processed information given to me.

Building a timeline

Through collaboration with UX designers we built a complex timeline peering into the daily life of a scientist. From here I fine tuned the necessary information for all employees concerned and looked into how it could work visually. Once a solid flow and style (isometric design) was agreed, the design could begin!

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Sketched iconography and product design

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Timeout illustration

Illustrating the funny from Word on the Street

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Explored styles of illustration

Recession illustration

Based on the hard times of the recession


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