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Within Nature Publishing Group, every design change or new idea is made not just to make things look good, but to enhance the overall user experience of the product. Within a solid team of UX designers, developers and designers to name a few, this was our main focus when working for nature.

Design, build, test. Improve, design again.

With such large amounts of content, my design contribution was to focus on ensuring the user is left with a smooth reading experience. Having an understanding of the target audience (take a look at the persona poster,) and their user journey is key to building an efficient interface.

Covering all grounds

By getting involved in all areas of the design process, the result would be a beautifully crafted site that evidently keeps the business and advertisers happy as well as the main target audience. Tricky but not impossible.

the design is never finished

A living Style Guide

Of course we would always stay on top of the competition, bring new ideas and innovate. Give users a reason to keep on coming back for more with the overall outlook of adding to the scientific community.

Sam Rios

designer & illustrator

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