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Redesigning Nature


of webpages sat on the legacy format under

User testing

No matter how good a design concept, it would never fly without the results of user testing. Our wireframes and designs were thoroughly tested and tested again, even when live to view it’s effectiveness.
This is a flyer designed to recruit new testers from a University.

A style guide

When working with complex articles, good typography is everything. Not only only did we ensure that the reading experience is smooth and accessible, but we ensured a font’s glyphs covered a range of scientific calculations.

After thoroughly breaking down a high-fidelity webpage, style guides were produced for anyone and everyone involved in the design of Nature’s site, specifically developers.

Primary colours

The results

“Incredible.” “Much more pleasing to the eye.”
Just some of the feedback that we got as the site went live. The results also got showcased to the whole company, globally. And legacy webpages are being replaced as you read this.

Journal heroes

The new web platform was designed to allow for big and beautiful hero imagery for hundreds of subjects under Nature. Since I am familiar with the design and layout of the new platform, I was commissioned to source and design these many heroes.

Working with globally positioned editors'

I formed a meticulous method for ensuring work was done thoroughly; covering copyright, licenses, branding and subjects all whilst working closely with globally positioned editors.

I designed these generic heroes to cover areas such as supplements, data sets, editor’s pick and image of the month to name a few.

Additional work

As well as digital design and animation, I got a reputation within Nature for illustration. One of the many extra projects I got involved in was an infographic poster illustrating personas. Click to read on…

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