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Racelogic icons

app icon design / illustration

Racelogic provide data products for high performance vehicles. Exciting projects were in the pipeline which required icons so that their products could be available for download to the public.

On brand

The brief was to ensure that the icons were consistent in style and recognisable as the Racelogic brand. I utilised their colours and used the curved 'swish' as the strongest element in the design.

The design has been decided

Hurray, we have a winning concept, the design is set and the rest followed suit. This app is for Vehicle Performance.

This app is for the user's Dashboard.

Surprisingly detailed and still depictable as a small icon, just how an app icon should be really especially when it is shown across an array of apple products. This app is for Laptime.

This app is for Settings.

All icons are live and available for download

You can view the apps here in iTunes

Sam Rios

designer & illustrator

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