A self initiated project saw me sketching icons for Kleenex to appeal to a wider male audience (a gap in their market). Take a closer look at the icon framing within the final design, you might see a feminine appearance!

But it's just weird isn't it?

My sketches are simple, to get an idea flowing from where it in turn can turn into something so much more in digital production. Any idea is a starting point, no matter how crazy.

Web sketches

I also create scamps for professional projects like graphics on a website, this one was for ‘UX and Design’ branding at Springer Nature.

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Where imagination begins

When on the road, shooting the breeze or sleeping, I'll randomly get struck by inspiration. However crazy that idea might be, I'll get it drawn, because if anything life has taught me is that an idea can fade very quickly!

Word on the Street

Sketching the funny, with a line from Time Out’s Word on the Street section, into a colourful, hilarious digital illustration.

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Timeout illustration

Illustrating the funny from Word on the Street

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