Four cups of coffee, sun ducking below the horizon, eyes painfully pulsating as if they’re being pounded by pixels. Sound familiar?

Creative’s of all types will have gone through many phases of working long into the night, eager as a crazed beaver to get a project to a satisfactory stage. But at what cost? Burnout is a big deal which can only lower your creativity and possibly affect you the very next day, and the next. Yep, I’ve been liable for this many times.

So take some time out and try to keep to a level 9-5 daily pace even if you are freelancing. You’ll be coming back to your desk with creative juices flowing all over your work, on a daily basis!

Pixel Eyes

A little tip for those weary eyes before sleeping

I’m a light sleeper, so this little trick I’ve picked up along the way has proved massively affective. Give it a try.

By about at least an hour before hitting the hay, turn off and avoid looking at any screen (displays affect rapid eye movement). You might want to set your mobile alarm early. If you need to do something, read a book and get sucked into another world for a brief moment.

By doing this you can avoid having an active mind when trying to sleep and avoid your eyes turning into pixels!

Time for me to turn this eye straining device off.