“Hey look over here, I have a skill that will knock those fluffy socks off” You say to yourself. But people just go about their daily lives; hundreds if not thousands of people a week are clueless to what you are capable of. Lot’s of potential clients right there!
You’re going to have to suck it up and start networking my friend.
BUT, what if you could tell everybody around you what you can do, without attempting to say a single word. Well, I have an idea to share with you!

The idea: STICKERS!

No not the type with colourful Github and cool flaming geeky-nerdy characters with more flames all over the show. No I mean a personalised sticker, real simple, telling everybody what you do in a matter of words.

So that a “no one” could turn into a “someone” by just a quick glance on a train/cafe/office space, anywhere! Great networking has to start somewhere.
It could be on anything too, iPad, sweatshirt, laptop, manbag, placard you name it!

Creating your personalised sticker

Removing old stickers.
If you have an aluminium based laptop, white spirit worked insanely well. I felt sketchy at first but it worked, and I had a lot of stickers!
If it’s a plastic laptop, hmmmm, warm soapy water (careful not to drench your tech. Maybe it’s time to invest in something more robust eh!

Carefully cutting the brand

Carefully cutting the brand

Prepping your sticker
You’ll need something that can take some wear and tear, envelope labels don’t work. Trust me I tried, they just kept peeling off!

I bought ‘Chroma – A4 fully self-adhesive high gloss inkjet photo paper’, it claims to be scratch and waterproof; so far it seems to be holding up.
Measure it all out, design, layout, print (at 100%).

My simple sticker result

My simple sticker result

I’ll let you know how I get along with my outlandish laptop billboard.
Here’s hoping the ice breaker works out and get’s you noticed. Let me know 🙂

Sam Rios