When a great opportunity arises, no matter how close to the present, “Go on, GET IT! When will this moment ever happen again eh”. And this goes with everything in life!
My experiences in London (being as fast place as it is) has taught me that an opportunity can flash by like Usain Bolt running for a bus, unless you act soon… real soon.

I have one rare opportune moment ahead of me, and I’m going for it baby!

Pushing the freelance boundaries

If like me you have recently become a freelancer, then you’ll want to take advantage of everything that being a freelancer can offer, freedom. Yet despite all the productive resources out there, most companies prefer to keep a freelancer in good sight within their premises, for many reasons understandably. So finding remote projects can be tough!

Getting to know people everywhere you go is a sure way forward, that and accepting the right projects that can allow for it. Through travelling, 8 years ago, I stayed in touch with great friends that I made in Melbourne (god bless Facebook) and through their career advancement I’ve been recommended to potential clients that could do with my services, who would’ve known!

It’s not guaranteed work by all means, but think of the experience one could gain.

Meal with professionals

Solo professionals meeting over a meal in Brazil. I’m second from the right.

In the end of the day there’s nothing to lose, but lots to gain.

So try to stay in touch with cool people you connect with, It needn’t be ball busting, following them on Twitter, LinkedIn and the likes can give you an insight into their career with potential possibilities around the corner. There’s more on meeting people on my post ‘Preparing for Freelance’.

Making remote work happen

You’ve just signed up a client, BRILLIANT! You can work from home, pretty cool but why just stick to the comforts of your home? You have the potential of working everywhere and anywhere so long as there’s good WiFi available.

Just like in your home country, there’s remote entrepreneurs all over the World. So get out there and work on your project in an area that will not only inspire you but offer more potential and possibly promote creativity and production (time differences permitting).

When you’re on the road, you’re allowing for more opportunities than one could ever imagine.

Make sure you’re covered

There’s a bit more to cover here than going on holiday. Make sure you’ve got these essentials covered before you get packing:

  • Reassure your current clients’ that all is good, with online possibilities their project will be delivered without a hitch.
  • You’re setup to receive international payments. As well as your account number you may need a BIC (Swift code) and an IBAN number.
  • Research into potential customers in the country you plan to visit, get in touch. They may want to meet you for a coffee, hookah or whatever the locals prefer.
  • You have the right permits. For Australia I applied for a ‘Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) visa (subclass 400)’ . You may have to provide proof of a job offer or an itinerary.
  • Got a burning question on local issues, ask away at an expat forum. I found the BritishExpats.com site really useful.
  • Stay on top of all of the above, Trello has been a great app to keep me in check and sane.
example Trello board

Be the first to read/see my experiences as they happen

So now you know, I’ll be flying to lands far away very soon to see what can and will happen. Keep in touch on my experiences and follow me on Instagram or Twitter.

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All the best you brilliant person.
Sam Rios 🙂