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Business to Christmas

Once reviewing some of the storyboards I had produced, there followed a political debate about what should be shown and what should be introduced, as the animation reflected many departments in the university after all.

My solution, a typical business desk furniture “Newton’s Cradle” where each ball magically turned into a Christmas vibe.

Every year Cranfield University love to treat their global clients with a special Christmas message. Digitally and through print, the brief also included very strict rules ensuring the project is culturally friendly.


increase in demand for printed cards compared to the previous year

OVER 2000

views on the digital animation internally

UI Animations

Character Animations

Web Banners

For strong web presence there is always a need for strong graphics, whether it be for marketing or brand recognition. Here is a small selection of the many online graphics that I have designed over time.

Animated banners

Web ad. Custom sized for website

Banner ad. 468 x 60

MPU ad. 300 x 250

MPU ad. 300 x 250

Still banners

Leaderboard ad

iTunes U web header

Palgrave Communications web header

Web hero slideshow

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