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In mid 2017, a glorious book got released to bookstores and various companies Worldwide.

“‘Drawn Vol. 1’ an eclectic visual survey of contemporary illustration from some of the best emerging and established illustrators worldwide”‘

And I was a featured illustrator!

These were the featured illustrations

Once You Pop

This gives a whole new meaning to the Pringles famous catchphrase. As well as detailed highlights, depth was an important factor for this illustration. Layers of shade, and levels of blurring gave me the right sense of depth I was after, especially with crisps that feel like they’re about to hit the screen… This should be in 3D really shouldn’t it?!

Sea Legs

One day I received a very imaginative drawing on my lap. As usual I got very excited with possibilities on how this could look as an illustration, any excuse to get me designing really! I started with basic colours and shapes, before working my way through on adding structure and levels of detail.

Sketching the funny

If you’ve ever read Time Out London more than once, you will be familiar with the weekly funny section “Word on the Street”. A collection of bizarre sentences overheard in and around London.
Needless to say, I found some of them hilarious and my mind raced at what they could look like if the sentences were illustrated. So I went ahead and drew a few in my trusty sketchpad, to get the style I’m after.

The book can be seen and bought here. Give it a like on Instagram here.
and I’m on Page 204 in case you were wondering.

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