There is a helluva lot of resources and tools out there for your creative life, so much so that (like me), you could end up with a jumbled list of links and apps that end up in the deepest crack never to be seen again, probably.
So my dear friend, I’ve compiled a complete list of great tools, apps and resources that have massively helped me improve my design process and stand out of the crowd. Whether you’re starting out or looking to aid your project, this is the place to be.


Web tools Drawing tools Free
A quick overview on the most popular screen sizes, various devices and monitors covered.
Printable paper Free
Various digital printable paper including isometric, crosshatch, gridded, etc.
Stylifyme Free
Quickly breaking down a site into an overview of colours, typography and image dimensions.
Fount Free
Identify web fonts on any site breaking down their size, weight and style. Simply from a bookmark action.


Tools for any creative
Colorhunt Free
Find the perfect colour palette for your project instantly.
Placeit Free
Tons of mockups to make your designs stand out in situ in; digital, and printed formats.
lips pro Free
The quickest most straightforward way to get random body copy
TinEye Free
Search for different uses of the same image. Useful if you’re trying to locate a specific image.
TheCreative.Life Free
Cheekily getting myself on this list. To inspire and(or) help others on all aspects of creativity.
Animista (CSS animations) Free
Great resource for visually building and grabbing CSS animation code on the go.


Planning and productivity

Trello Free
Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organise and prioritise your projects flexible way.
Calendly Free
Scheduling appointments, interviews, calls, demos and more.
Remote design collaboration
Evernote Free
Create a project to-do list. Jot down a reminder. Or snap a picture of a sketch. I’m becoming more paper free with this one!
Raindrop Free
Keep those links saved on any device. Why not save this one!
Google Docs Free
Google styled online Word, Excel and Powerpoint apps that can be shared and edited by anyone.


Getting social and co-working

Campus London
Google run free campus with events and office space
The Brew London
Multiple co-working locations around london with the odd free event
London Hackspace London
A non-profit community-run workspace where people share tools and ideas.
Buffer Free
Social media management. Send your social update to multiple platforms in one hit.
Twitter Free Facebook Free
LinkedIn Free Instagram Free
Pinterest Free



Remote Year
Spend a year travelling and working on the go
Spend money fairly in any country. Worked brilliantly when I was in Brazil!
Just Park
Rent out someones parking space, a big money saver if you’re working in a big City
Air Bnb
On a contract somewhere far away? Stay with a local and enrich your experiences.


Getting started

Money, legal & services Portfolio and site builds
Bonsai Free
All in one system for contracts, invoices and payments
Behance Free
Adobe run online portfolio
Beewits Free
In-depth hourly rate calculator
Flikr Free
Portfolio aimed at photographers with a TB of free storage.
Docracy Free
Great resouce contract types covering different jobs.
Site building with the most themes currently available on the net
Do You Buzz Free
Online resume builder
Templated site building
Bark Free
Like the Yellow Pages but more precise and targeted
Templated site building Business Free
Know your legal rights
Templated site building


Online storage, large files and mail

Mailchimp Free
Build, manage and send mail to your customers. Supports WordPress.
WeTransfer Free
Simply transfer massive or multiple files to anyone. A favourite of mine when email alone isn’t big enough.
Dropbox Free
Online storage on multiple devices with great sharing capabilities
OneDrive Free
Online storage
Google Drive Free
Online storage



This is a living list that I’ll update often. So if there’s anything worth adding to help others, let me know pronto! Last updated 17/03/17

Enjoy 🙂

Sam Rios
Your friendly Creative